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Our tours


Our tours are exclusive which allows us to tailor them to your needs and pace, and ensure great quality. We offer 11 standard tours which are 4 day, 6 day, 8 day and 14 day-tours. However, you can prolong you tour by 1 or 2 days to let you attend the festivals that take place in the Orkhon Valley or others places of Mongolia.

Orkhon Tours Mongolia

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Orkhon Express 4 days


Hike and ride through the wild Khangai mountain range and the UNESCO cultural heritage Orkhon Valley, in only 4 days.

Orkhon Discovery 6 days


Ride through mountains and valleys to explore the amazing culture and beautiful landscapes of Mongolia

Genghis Khan statue and Orkhon Valley 8 days


You will discover Genghis khan statue and 13th Century, Khogno Khan park, Kharkhorin,  as well as the other landmarks of the Orkhon Valley such as its waterfalls.

Horseback Riding Tours Mongolia

Organized Traveling

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Horse Riding in Central Mongolia 14 days


Discover the beauties of the Orkhon valley in 9 days. Practice horseriding, rafting and others activities.

Horse Riding in Eastern Mongolia 12 days


The trip goes back to the 13th Century and experience the life of a Mongolian legend. There is no better way to explore Mongolia on horseback.

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Nomadic Lifestyle Tours Mongolia

Pack Your Bags

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Nomad family stay 9 days


Become a real nomad 12 days


Rendeer people and North Mongolia 10 days


Altai Mountain and Western Mongolia 10 days


Staying with nomad families is the best way to discover a lot about the centuries-old nomadic lifestyle and their culture.


Become a real nomad sharing the life of a nomad family. In the hugeness of the steppe, Mongolian nomads live in harmony with the natural beauties and wonders of their land.


There are fresh water Khuvsgul lake, Reindeer people, full fished Tsagaan lake, Salmon and huge taimen can also be found in the lake.


A stay among nomads in Uvurkhangai organized especially during the period of birth of the animals, from mid-March to May

Gobi desert tours Mongolia

Organized Traveling


Gobi discovery and grand steppe 14 days


Discover the beauties of the Gobi desert and Great steppe in 12 days. Practice camel back and horse riding, rafting and others activities.

Great gobi and Central Mongolia 15 days


Discover the beauties of the Central Mongolia and Great Gobi in 13 days. Practice camel and horse riding, rafting and others activities.

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