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Why Mongolia

Disconnected from stress


Wide steppes

Come to Mongolia, it's a holiday to rejuvenate your soul. Expect wide steppes, beautiful landscapes and a haunting silence / absolute / deep. If you want to disconnect from everyday stress and find yourself, Mongolia is the country for you.

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Land of Blue Sky

Mongolia is the second landlocked and least populated country in the world. Therefore, it seems quite logical that one can learn to enjoy intact nature and to know its infinite immensity. The landscape is characterized by high mountains, dry deserts, sparkling lakes and verdant steppes.

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The whole is complemented by the blue horizon which seems to extend to infinity across the country. If you want to live an adventure in a foreign world and leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you are absolutely right in Mongolia.

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The Mongolian people will bring you incredible hospitality, indescribable experiences and the opportunity to know the nature of its most beautiful side. You will enjoy tranquility and you will have proof that you do not need any luxury to be happy.


It’s Time to Treat Yourself

Western Mongolia

Western Mongolia is a glorious mix. As well as Mongolia’s highest mountains and its largest glacier, the region also has extensive sand dunes, great saltwater and freshwater lakes within the Great Lakes Basin and the largest reed beds in central Asia. It also has a rich culture with the provincial capital of Khovd being one of the most ethnically diverse in the country and Bayan Ölgii being home to a majority of Mongolia’s Kazakh population including eagle hunters that hunt from horseback with magnificent female golden eagles.
Four of Mongolia’s provinces cover eastern Mongolia – Zavkhan, Khovd, Bayan Ulgii, and Uvs.

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Eastern  Mongolia

Eastern Mongolia is birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, who ruled the greatest empire in the world history. The Khentii Mountain range, and expansive grassland which is characterized by treeless flat steppes, gently rolling hills and wetlands are the iconic landscapes of the region.

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Northern Mongolia

On the furthest north of the country, there are famous travel destinations from Khuvsgul province. Lake Khuvsgul is Mongolia’s biggest pristine fresh water lake and it is the sister lake to Baikal across the border in Siberia. The region is known as the Switzerland of Mongolia with high, ice-capped mountains, beautiful lakes and vast forests of pine and fir.

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Central Mongolia

he Orkhon Valley, west of Ulaanbaatar, along the Orkhon River in the Övörkhangai and Arkhangai Provinces, was the center of the Mongol Empire, the center of the Uighur Empire, and the birthplace of Mongolian Buddhism. Today, the cultural heritage of the valley constitutes a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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