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Orkhon discovery

6 days

Discover the beauties of the Orkhon valley in only 6 days. Practice horseriding, rafting and others activities.

From €510*


In this tour, you will discover Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, as well as the other landmarks of the Orkhon Valley such as its waterfall, Tuvkhun Monastery and its hot springs. You will hike, ride and rafting on an amazing adventure.



Day 1 Arrival at Kharkhorin

Our team will pick you up from anywhere in UB and send you to Kharkhorin, the old capital of the Mongolian Empire. For groups of less than 5 people, we will take you to the public bus to go to Kharkhorin which is the final stop. Our guide will pick you up in Kharkhorin and bring you to a guest house to have a dinner and relax. For groups of 5 or more, we will rent a private bus for you.

Day 2 Visit of Kharkhorin

After breakfast, you will visit the Erdene Zuu buddhist complex and its wall of 108 stupas, built on the ruins of the old Karakorum. After lunch, you will visit the museum of Karakorum which is probably the best museum of Mongolia. Your guide will tell you more about Karakorum and the Mongolian history. Then, you will leave Karakorum to go to the heart of the Orkhon Valley. On the way, you will stop at Urtiin Togoi scenic spot. You will have a dinner and spend the night at Orkhon camp.

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Day 3 Travel to Orkhon waterfall

The third day is dedicated to rafting on the Orkhon river. Firstly, you will hike to Ulaan Tsutgalan, the largest waterfall of Mongolia, 7 km away from the camp. Once at the waterfall, you will have a lunch and embark on your rafting to descend the river, which is very impetuous on some spots and very calm on others. If you are not comfortable with rafting, you can come back to the camp with our driver.  Afternoon we will visit a nomadic family and discovery of the activities bound to yacks breeding and horse riding. We'll participate in making dairy products, we'll attend the making of a Mongolian barbecue and we'll enjoy it for dinner. Overnight in ger camp or with local family by Orkhon river.

Day 4 Travel to Tuvkhun monastery

Early in the morning, you will head towards the Tuvkhun Monastery, founded by the monk Zanabazar in 1648. We will either ride or walk through the forest to the Monastery located on top of the Shireet mountain. After visiting the place and having your lunch, you will return to the bus and head towards Tsagaan Sum about 10 kilometers away from Tuvkhun. There, you will explore the ruins of the Ogodei's palace.


Day 5 Mogoit spa or relax day

On day 5, you will relax in the hot springs of Mogoit Spa. But before that, you will hike through the forest to the sacred mountain of Tsagaan Khairkhan (the white rock). The hot springs of Mogoit Spa are said to have been discovered by Zanabazar. They contain sulphur and have therapeutic virtues. You can come back to the camp with our driver. Once at the camp, you can do some fishing, play archery, volleyball, pétanque, or just relax.

Day 6 Departure from Bat-Ulzii

That's almost the end of your trip. After breakfast your guide will bring you to the little town of Bat Ulzii to take the public bus back to UB. Departure everyday at 12:00. For groups of 5 people or more, we will arrange a private bus to bring you to UB directly. Your will arrive in UB around 9pm.



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Full pension during the tour

1 night in a guest house in Kharkhorin

3 nights at Orkhon camp

1 nights with a host family

French or English Speaking guide

Driver+ Petrol

1 day rafting

1 day horseriding

Horse guides

Entrance fees for parks and museum indicated in the program


Flight tickets

Passport and visa fees


Extra drink

Any excursion that is not indicated in the program


* prices vary according to group size

2 people             720/pers.

3 people             680/pers.

4 people             630/pers.

5 people             600/pers.

6 people             550/pers.

7 people & +      510/pers

Single supplement  10euros / night

We offering camel riding, horse trekking and hiking tour based on local community. Nomadic families live in the area are main parts of the tours. They will supply camels, horses, meals, and accommodation for tourists.

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