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Dalai Lama

Orkhon Eco camp

Orkhon Camp is probably the best place to stay in the Orkhon Valley. Its location near the Orkhon river and amidst all the landmarks of the valley makes it a perfect foothold for any visitor exploring this region of Mongolia. The camp is only 7 km away from the waterfall, 35 km away from Tuvkhun Monastery, 45 km away from the Eight lakes and 104 km away from Kharkhorin.

GPS location 46.813125419687964, 102.04377097018092

Restaurant and Eco-friendly

Orkhon Camp is made up of 20 fully equipped gers, a restaurant, as well as showers and toilets. Our restaurant and bar serve delicious Mongolian and Western dishes, as well as all sorts of beverages.
Furthermore, our camp is Eco-friendly. We have a greenhouse to produce our own vegetables. Our electricity entirely comes from solar energy. Our hot showers are also fueled by solar water heaters. Moreover, we have both standard and Eco-friendly dry toilets.

Horse riding and Visit local families

There are a lot of activities that you can practice in or around Orkhon Camp. If you want to do horse riding, our local partners can provide fully equipped horses and guides for you. You can also go and visit local nomad families living near the camp so you can taste and maybe buy their products. We suggest you to taste the fermented mare milk that that Mongolians call "airag" and the traditional Mongolian yogurt called "tarag", made of Yak's milk.

Rafting and fishing

Orkhon Camp is located on the banks of the Orkhon river. This location, 7 km away from the largest waterfall of Mongolian makes it perfect for rafting. We are the only camp that provides rafting in the Orkhon Valley. Orkhon Camp is also a great fishing spot. There are basically two types of fish in the river: grey lings and trouts. The best way to catch them is fly fishing. Our cooks can prepare the fish that you caught or you can use our utensils and barbecue to cook them by yourself.


Each year, several festivals are organised at the valley: The Naadam (8th and 9th of July), the felt festival (22nd of July) and the yak festival (23rd of July). It is a great opportunity for travellers to discover Mongolian culture through fascinating activities such as Mongolian wrestling, horse racing or the making of traditional Mongolian felt.



50 % off for Mongolian guides or drivers for group tourists /up to 6 tourists/. Free for infants less than 3 years old.


Single ger


 Double and twin ger


Triple ger


4 Beds ger



Please be aware that these activities may involve some risks for yourself or others. Orkhon Camp does not bear responsibility for possible accidents. 

$20 per person

RAFTING 1 hour

$15 per person





Fishing, Archery, Traditional costumes

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Our social commitment

The camp is supported by the French NGO Acting for Life (Tourism, Ethics & Development Department) and is committed to the sustainable and social development of the valley. In addition to our ecological equipements to reduce pollution, we have carried out programs in favor of the local community such as fixing the roads, cleaning up polluted areas or installing trash cans in order to reduce the pollution in the valley.




Whether you are Mongolian or foreigner, boy or girl, whatever your background is, if you are more than 18 years old, you can join us and participate to our program to develop sustainable tourism in the Orkhon Valley for a few days or up to one month. Orkhon Camp has always been involved in the improvement of both the environment and the lives of the local population through sustainable tourism development. You too can help us achieve this goal.

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Construction and Gardening (from April to August)

Orkhon Camp is going to modernize itself and undergo lots of work among which the construction of a pool, a greenhouse and a garden. We want to plant trees and grow vegetables. We also want to install solar water heaters, improve our shower and toilet facilities as well as our kitchen. If you want to, you can also participate to the mounting of our gers. It is for this kind of tasks that we need volunteers the most. If this interests you, we would be glad to receive you to take part in it. For you, it would be the opportunity to learn construction or gardening techniques and enjoy some physical and creative work. You can work here as long as you want from 5 days to one month or more.

Services to guests (from May to September)

If you are interested in customer relationship tasks and want to work in the Orkhon Valley for at least one month, you might be interested in this volunteer program. Whether you wanna help cooking, serving the dishes, cleaning, or even helping us on marketing, there are plenty of things to do.

Environmental Cleanups (May, June, July and September)

Every summer we collect the trash left over pretty much everywhere in the Orkhon Valley in order to preserve the beauty of this region. If you want to join us and help preserve the environment of the Orkhon Valley, you can participate in our 2 day-cleanup program on May, June, and September.

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